Aileen & Elkin Thomas

Years at Winfield: 

The personable, completely unpretentious style of this duo draws friends, new and old, from years and years of listening to them at this Festival. Aileen and Elkin are family! There's a comfort to the familiarity of Aileen and Elkin in concert. The songs are simple, lyrical, and spiritual and narrate their absolute belief in basic human decency.

The main instruments of these two performers are their voices, known for their close and intricate harmonies. But they also accompany themselves with guitar and banjo (Elkin) and bass (Aileen).

Their music has resulted from their varied musical heritage, that being folk, bluegrass, country and gospel. A gentle grace surrounds their music, extending an invitation to live all the wonder and beauty life has to offer. They sing about innocence, love, righteousness, and invite their listeners to experience life for its diverse richness. The vocal and instrumental harmony is representative of their lives together. "Our songs are a real reflection of our lives, our paths, our journey," says Aileen.