Music of Life

Aileen & Elkin Thomas
Shantih Records

From the WV program, September, 2000

Aptly titled. All of their music is music for life. Their songs are spiritual tonic. Meloditheraputic. Rehabilitating, besides just down right good to listen to. If Aileen and Elkin set out to make the listener feel better about life through inspiring, but not preachy thoughts and beautifully arranged songs, they certainly reached their goal. If that was not their intention, then call it a beautiful accident. The title cut, Elkin's "Music of Life", sets the tone for this entire collection of inspiring musical poetry, touching on the complete circle-truth of life, knowing that you will fall only to rise again. On the CD jacket, each song is preceded by a commentary which is very important to note as you listen to each song. Note the unique story behind their Texas and Pennsylvania homes preceding "Guardian Pines". Each of these songs are beautiful examples of purist folk music. How blessed can two people be to blend so harmoniously together in thought and muse. "I'll Go With You", written by Aileen is testament to this sole union of spirits. This CD just makes me feel good and glad to be alive. Visit them at and e-mail them at

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